“Les Mots” To Go! is a current affairs blog written by myself, Beverly Herscovitch

(but please call me Bev!)

I was born and raised in Montreal, and have recently embarked on a new life chapter in Toronto.

I originally wanted to call this blog “Pugs and Cupcakes” because those are two things I enjoy immensely, along with peanut butter, Pizza Pockets, Cosmopolitan and being outdoors. I thought this was much too cutesy for a politically-inclined blog (or to be on the Internet at all, really!) , and so, “Les Mots” To Go! was born.

All kidding aside, I am passionate about learning about the world around me and passionate about helping create social change. My goal when I am done my studies is to work in a non-profit or in government, where I can pay my bills doing what I love!

“Les Mots” To Go! aims to give short snippets on things I think people might find interesting and want to share with others! Enjoy!


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