Now for something completely different: Aliens, Earth and Philosophy

The Earth’s alien twin has been discovered! Well, kind of. NASA scientists have claimed that one of their telescopes has found a planet that exhibits similar characteristics to earth, making it an excellent candidate for hosting possible life forms.

I’m not an astronomer, so I don’t feel I can speak knowledgeably about this pretty fascinating subject. However, news pieces like this always make me think philosophically about life, and the possibility that it exists outside our planet. I’m not a crazy alien conspirator, but I do think that there must be  some form of “alien” out there- we can’t be the only living creatures in this universe!

Reading this article, it reminded me of a piece of writing I wrote a few months back, but did nothing with. I figured this was a good opportunity to share it with you, dear friends!

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts on the subject!

The other day, I was sitting on the bus, gazing out the window. While staring at fields and small towns, I spotted a distant airplane. 

 I played the stupid , half-joking game I always do when I see an airborne vehicle: “Plane or UFO?”

 This brought me to a strange and silly question: What would a UFO or an alien really look like?

 Certainly, not how they are represented in film or in old cartoons. UFOs always conjure up certain images. Circular disks with flashing lights. Rayguns. Light beams, waiting to suck you up to be poked and prodded. Tall, gangly, skinny, bug-eyed creatures. Short little Marvin the Martians that are much too intimidating, considering their stature.

 I decided to try to picture what a real UFO could look like. Something truly alien, from a place completely unaffected by the human experience. Complex, meaningless phrases popped into my head like “organic machinery”.

I then experienced a strange sensation when I attempted to picture what colour a UFO would be.

Could colours exist somewhere in the universe, that are outside the rainbow spectrum on earth? Could there be an additional colour in the rainbow? What would it be called? What would it look like?

I felt dizzy. I realized it was impossible to picture another colour. Anything I imagined was an amalgmation of all other colours I already knew.

I began to feel sinking sensation. I started to feel sick with the knowledge that my world was terribly small. I would never and could never know anything outside of it.